Read testimonials from real people –
Using Sea-Slide Formula on their watercrafts.

At Lessley Marine, Incorporated, we have been using Sea-Slide since 2000 on
our racing yacht the Cal 40 "California Girl".

After 13 years of use my simple question to other boaters is: "What can you
do to your boat for a few hundred dollars to reduce hull friction by as much
as 17% AND inhibit the free disbursement of toxins into the water?" We have discovered there is no equal to Sea-Slide for performance and ecological responsibility; Hydromer Incorporated has solved performance enhancement with a green syzygy of boat bottom coatings perfectly.

We proudly represent Hydromer Sea-Slide on the West Coast to those boats
that desire to win and make the Pacific Ocean a bit safer.

Timm Lessley, Portland, OR


“I am experiencing the joys of flat water kayaking in the variety of lakes near my new home in Raleigh, NC. It just seems easier going paddling with a coat of Sea-Slide on my kayak helping me to conserve my energy out on the water. Sea-Slide does make a tremendous difference for me!”

Blair Walker, Raleigh, NC


“It didn’t take me long to roll on a coating of Sea-Slide on the hull of my 2007 Seadoo RXP, the hardest part was waiting for it to dry so I could test it out in the water. I didn’t think it was possible to have even more fun on this already SUPER FAST ride, this stuff is sick.”

Thomas Adams, Centreville, MD


“I rolled on a coating of Sea-Slide Formula, a hydrophilic over-coating that makes submerged things very slippery... The boat does seem faster, we've been doing better in races and after almost 4 months of being in saltwater, I see no sign of slime or algae coating the bottom. So, I am happy, and rather smug.”


“I thought I’d take a chance and put a coating of Sea-Slide on my 19' 2005 Bayliner 195 this year before taking it back out...WOW to my amazement I can sense the boat has less drag in the water and it seems to accelerate quicker. I didn’t think one coating could do so much, I’m sold”

Rick Gould, New Hope, PA


“I have a great desire to go faster than everyone else and I hope NOBODY ever finds out about Sea-Slide, or at least not those who I have to race against.”

Bob Corrick, undisclosed location


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