Sea-slide Formula Hydrophilic Overcoat

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On Painted Hull Surfaces:
Sea-Slide Formula can be used on wood, metal and fiberglass hulls that have been properly prepared and coated with vinyl or hard epoxy anti-fouling paint (vinyl provides better adhesion). Coating adhesion and durability is substantially reduced if Sea-Slide Formula is applied over soft or “self-polishing” antifouling paints. Recent anti-fouling paint applications must be completely dried in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, preferably overnight. Compared to other types of marine paints, epoxies usually require a longer time to cure completely.

On Bare Hull Surfaces:
Bare fiberglass hulls should be pre-treated with a marine primer to improve adhesion of the Sea-Slide coating. Allow primer coat to dry according to label instructions. Where no primer is available, thorough sanding of the surface before applying the Sea-Slide coating will improve adhesion.


Do not apply if rain is expected during the required curing period of 3 to 4 hours*, or if relative humidity exceeds 90%. *For best results use on dry, sunny day with relative humidity of 80 % or below, and temperature of 50°F (10°C) or warmer.

  • Sea-Slide Formula may be applied with a brush, a paint roller, sponge or spray equipment.
  • Coating should be spread to form an even film over the hull surface. Apply on a clean dry surface.
  • For spraying, Sea-Slide Formula may be diluted up to 50% (2 parts Sea-Slide Formula to 1 part tap water).
  • Allow coating to dry and cure for 4 to 5 hours, preferably in direct sunlight.
  • Sea-Slide Formula will form a clear film coating when dry.
  • Curing takes place after the coating dries to the touch.

After Sea-Slide Formula has cured, boat may be launched immediately or kept from water indefinitely. The coating will not be adversely affected by repeating wetting/drying cycles. Once cured, the coating will be insoluble in water, but should not be scrubbed or sanded. Water line organic growth may be sponged off.

One Gallon = Approximately 700 to 900 square feet
One Quart = Approximately 175 to 225 square feet
One Pint= Approximately 85 to 110 square feet

Personal watercraft: Jet Ski, canoe, kayak, row and paddle boats = One Pint
00-00 ft. watercraft, sail and power boats = One Quart
00-00 ft. watercraft, large sail and commercial boats = One Gallon

Clean painting equipment, clothing and spills with soap and water before coating dries.

The Sea-Slide coating may be removed from hull surfaces by power washing with high-pressure water and a nylon scrub brush. Prior to refinishing watercraft hull or reapplication of anti-fouling bottom paint, first remove the Sea-Slide coating entirely.

Avoid spills of Sea-Slide Formula on deck surfaces or other areas of watercraft where a slippery surface would be hazardous. The cured coating is extremely slippery when wetted. Overturned or capsized watercraft may become virtually impossible to hold onto, or to handle well enough to reverse or right. Take appropriate precautions once Sea-Slide coating has been applied to your watercraft.