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Sea-Slide Formula is available in one pint, one quart and
one gallon size containers.
hydromer Sea-Slide Speed Enhancing High Performance Formula

Sea-Slide Speed Enhancing High Performance Formula

Whether you are a recreational boater, sport, or a commercial boat operator, it’s easy and fun to improve your watercraft’s performance with Sea-Slide Formula drag-reducing overcoat. There is simply nothing else like it!

Sea-Slide is a drag-reducing, high performance overcoat for marine and fresh watercraft hulls, bottoms and foils. Sea-Slide is a water-based polyurethane product, which is easy to paint-on and remove from your watercraft without harming existing paint or hull surfaces in any way.

This hydrophilic coating once applied and submerged in water becomes super slippery, allowing your watercraft’s hull to slide through the water with far less resistance. Sea-Slide Formula generates greater acceleration and speed, AND delivers better fuel economy for your watercraft! Sea-Slide is non-toxic and is safe to yourself, your watercraft and the environment. Sea-Slide may be applied to any type hull surface and is uniquely optimized to be compatible with most anti-fouling paints.

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